The Unposted: What Do You Want Your Story to Be?

November 6, 2018

What do I want my story to be? Last night, Kirby and I watched the movie “The Age of Adeline”, about a girl who had gotten in an accident and could no longer get older. In her story, you see how short and fleeting our lives on earth truly are. How quickly time goes by. It’s really had me thinking. What story do I want my life to tell? Is what I’m doing now reflective of that? Continue reading “The Unposted: What Do You Want Your Story to Be?”

The Unposted: Hurricane Irma

September 19, 2017

For those of you who follow along with Kirby and I, you know that we were fervently praying as Hurricane Irma neared Florida a week ago. We just purchased our first home, a small condo, in North Fort Myers, Florida last April and I was NOT about to see anything steal from or destroy our new home. Continue reading “The Unposted: Hurricane Irma”

New Series Announced: The Unposted

I’ve written a lot of blogs over the years, but you may be surprised to hear that not all of them reach the website for others to read. Recently God put on my heart to do a new blog series called “The Unposted” to share some of those with you!

A few weren’t shared because time got away from me or maybe the timing itself wasn’t quite right, others because I was scared to post. This is an accumulation of unposted blogs that go all the way back to 2017, so keep that in mind when you read. Some of the events mentioned may not be current and there are some really personal, sensitive things that will be out for all to read; however, God’s word seems to transcend time and I have to trust that He has things He wants to share with you if He’s put a blaze under me to do this.

Thank you for your kindess and grace – I hope you enjoy! Here we go!

Welcome to the World Little One

Here it is! The one stop shop for all things baby! Read about our girl’s birth story, our registry, products we’ve loved, my hospital packing list, nurse basket contents, postpartum prep, birth plan contents…all the things! It’s a lot, but for anyone interested it’s here…all in one place, just for you! So let’s get started!

Continue reading “Welcome to the World Little One”

To the One Scared of Missing Out

To the One Scared of Missing Out:

Learning to really know God for yourself can be the most amazing thing, but if you’re in high school or college, it’s not without its difficulties. Be encouraged that as your delight yourself in the Lord that suddenly the desire to go to parties or involve yourself in things that may bring you a temporary popularity or a temporary high will fade away and will be things you don’t even want or care about any more.

Plus, “you’re gooder than that”. Do you remember Adam and Eve? They lived in perfection, but were convinced that God was withholding good from them. That mistake of believing that lie cost them everything. Don’t believe the lie that God is making you miss out on something or keeping you from something good. He can bring you more joy, more good times, more true friends, more fulfillment than the world could ever dream of providing you. Continue reading “To the One Scared of Missing Out”

The Basement: A Heart Issue

Recently on my Instagram Story, I gave everyone a small peek into our home and some changes I’ve been making. What’s so special about that? We own a 928 square foot condo. In the process of operating a home and a wakeboarding business out of this space, I’ve had to make room for some unconventional things: bulky wakeboards, workout equipment, business merchandise and supplies, wakeboarding students, bunkbeds and other hosting items for said wakeboarding students…things can get a little tight and potentially overwhelming!

Continue reading “The Basement: A Heart Issue”

Packages Tied up with String

One thing I love to do around Christmastime is to snuggle into the rocking chair in my parents living room in the evenings with only the tree lights on, wrapped in a blanket sipping hot tea. I love gazing at all of the ornaments and the way the lights reflect off of the shiny wrapping paper of the gifts stacked below. It’s such a magical time of year. The wonder and excitement of it all gives me a warm, happy feeling inside. Continue reading “Packages Tied up with String”

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Him

Christmas shopping is zooming up on us so fast this year! Seriously, where is time going?! When it comes to Christmas shopping, the women in my life are usually the easiest on my list, but I struggle with the guys sometimes! I get pumped to check out the newest gift guides for men to gather ideas, but am often left disappointed and let down as they always contain the same boring items of a collared shirt, shaving kit, or cologne. Continue reading “The Ultimate Gift Guide for Him”