The Unposted: Hurricane Irma

September 19, 2017

For those of you who follow along with Kirby and I, you know that we were fervently praying as Hurricane Irma neared Florida a week ago. We just purchased our first home, a small condo, in North Fort Myers, Florida last April and I was NOT about to see anything steal from or destroy our new home. Continue reading “The Unposted: Hurricane Irma”

On the Road with Grace & Favor

Another week on our Florida exploration has gone by! This trip is going so fast! As you may have read, last Sunday was me and Kirby’s six months of marriage celebration. I’ve said it many times, but God couldn’t have placed together the pieces to that corner my life puzzle any better.

To celebrate, we hit up the church that our friends go to in Fort Myers.  We love the praise-giving, uplifting worship and the message really ministered to me personally. The pastor was teaching on the power and importance of teams and how we don’t always work with the people we necessarily want to or mesh best with, but gave advice to view people in light of who they are in Christ and their strengths versus stumbling over faults or weaknesses or the things that rub us the wrong way. While that may seem like obvious advice, that really helped me and my administrative, orderly, get things done right, by-the-book mindset.

After church we did some shopping around and took a day to just relax at the pool (surprisingly the first time we’ve had a chance to since we’ve been in Florida!). Side Note: It’s always funny coming inside in the evening and seeing every single spot you happened to miss with the sunscreen – this time it was my wrists (I know, so strange…haven’t figured that one out yet). We cleaned up and headed to the beach having a beautiful dinner beachside then cruised around looking for live music and watched the sunset (AND a proposal go down) on the boardwalk. Perfect night? I think yes.


This week we had the most important meetings of our trip. God continues to give us favor everywhere we go. I can tell you that whatever God is calling you into, in His timing, when you go…He has been there long before, paving the way for you. It’s reassuring remembering the needs we have back home and knowing that God is already ahead of us making provision for them while we are down here, walking in the place and provision He has already made. How cool is that? I don’t think I can possibly praise and thank Him enough. I encourage you to thank Him for what He is already setting into motion for your future and not grow weary or discouraged!


I also found out last week that my cousin, Alisha and her family were in Florida from Japan! Her husband, Michael is in the air force and they are here briefly visiting family. SO we connected with them and readily accepted their offer to go sailing with them and Michael’s family. We were heading to Orlando anyway, so stopping by on our way worked out s0 perfectly. Can I just say that sailing was one of the most relaxing experiences ever? Alisha and Michael are great mentors for Kirby and I and have amazing on-time words of wisdom. It was SUCH a fun, fun day. I highly recommend going sailing if you ever get the chance.

image2 (2)

The rest of our drive to Orlando consisted of chatting, looking up random facts about the Bermuda Triangle and Strawberry Festivals on Google, and singing to the radio. The next morning we woke up at 4:45am…Kirby graciously got me to the airport (with no coffee) on time for my flight back to Iowa for my uncle’s wedding. (Yay for weddings! Yay for love!) Security was extra long that morning surprisingly, so I made it on the tram and to my gate barely catching the end of my boarding group (whew). On my connection in Charlotte, I had a two hour layover, no data on my phone, no book, so I was just chilling and observing, waiting at my gate. The first thing I noticed was that literally everyone was on their phones. The second was that Charlotte had bathroom attendants welcoming you to the restroom…strange, yes – wonderful, absolutely!

Travel Pic

The third thing I witnessed twice. The first for the flight before mine, and the second was for my flight. I had a chance to chat with the attendants at the gate a bit – it was their first day and they were in training. In both instances were gentlemen that very loudly ridiculed said very rude comments regarding the way the attendants said the name of the destinations over the speaker. They even had the gumption to very loudly and publicly correct them as they boarded.

I wondered to myself why there is this entitled attitude present in our world today to ridicule and push others lower to elevate ourselves. Correction should be done in love (love, correction, love). It should also be done when there is a foundation built, where the person gives permission to speak into their life OR if there is not relationship present (like the instance at the airport), it can be done in a way that will save them face. I eventually built up the courage to explain to the man that this was her first day and I think we can give her a little grace. Not surprisingly, it went ignored. Today it’s so easy to spew and demand our way and opinions among others. Let’s instead be a light showing grace and mercy and positivity – lifting those around us up instead of using them to just propel ourselves higher. Yes?


Anyway! I’m extremely excited to be in Iowa and be around family. I’ve missed them! I hung out with my sister and brother-in-law in Ames. I also got to accompany my sister to Iowa State and finally meet a sweet, sweet friend I’ve never officially gotten to meet before we headed across the state to the wedding (hey girl!). I’m off again Monday, flying back to Orlando to finish the final two weeks of our Florida excursion! I hope you stay tuned and have an absolutely fantastic week ahead! Love you all!

So…How’s Married Life?

735064_10208207235360876_7309224713311915299_nBeing a newlywed, one of the most common questions Kirby and I get asked is, “So…how’s married life?” You would think by now that I would have some really profound answer conveying literally how amazing married life has been, but normally caught off guard, my typical response is simply, “Great!”. Every time when leaving these conversations, I mentally think of all of the wonderful things I could’ve said but didn’t. SO, today I give you all the tell-all about how married life has been! Continue reading “So…How’s Married Life?”


Newly married, Kirby and I have lots of exciting things we are looking forward to. We are saving as much as possible hoping to purchase our first home by the end of the year. So, you can imagine my squealing surprise when I opened my Christmas present this year from my sweet husband…an official invitation to an evening in the city to see Disney’s Broadway Production, the Newsies, at the Fox Theater. Say wwhat?! (Ladies, any man that would sacrifice a night of watching Supercross or any other sports event to watch a Broadway production with you simply because he loves you is DEFINITELY a winner) We checked into our hotel to get ready for the show, but not before thoroughly enjoying the 15th story view of the city, complete with a perfect sight of the St. Louis arch right outside our room’s balcony.

All dressed up, we headed over to the Spaghetti Factory where Kirby had made us dinner reservations. We have made a habit of asking our waiters/waitresses if they have any needs we can pray for since we will be praying before we eat anyway. (This to be a great way for us to practice stepping out in faith). William, our sweet, older waiter blessed us with his kind heart and energetic spirit – while he had no needs, he was extremely touched, gripped our hands, and asked if there was anything we needed prayer for. Moments like these are what it’s all about folks!

The Fox Theater was an ABSOLUTE treat. It’s like stepping back in time with the huge ceilings, low lighting, intricate, beautiful moldings. I love getting to appreciate raw talent (which there was certainly no lack of). The story featured a group of orphan boys from the late 1800’s that sold newspapers. After the newspaper’s owner significantly increased the prices on the boys they decide to go on strike to stand for what’s right. A band of David’s out to fight Goliath, one of the most powerful men in New York City. The bright stage lights, the huge moving props, the choreography and singing were all absolutely lovely! It was the perfect night. My husband loves me so well. I’m one lucky girl. If you ever get the opportunity to go to the Fox, I highly suggest it.

Something about the production had me pondering on the drive home. The orphan boys had nothing, yet they went out armed with courage and boldness to go against the odds to make a difference, and they succeeded! What is the giant in my own life right now? Currently, it would honestly probably be a fear of failure. Sitting in the passenger seat of the truck, God reminded me that my success in life is not dependent upon the doubts of others or my own, but rather the degree to which I’m staying focused on His promises. It’s God reminding me, “Hellooo, remember when I said that you are more than a conqueror Sydney?” Me, “Ohhh yeahhhh….You did say that didn’t you.” Haha, God is so cool! So I leave you with this, let’s be people of victory armed with truth and love and not afraid to face our giants and pursue our true purpose!



Taking the Plunge


This. Is. Real. Life. Let me be the first to welcome you to Thoughts on the Dock. Thank you so much for stopping by! My writing is extremely personal and honest, so this is a HUGE step for me. It’s my hope is that what I share inspires love, sparks laughter, promotes a healthy lifestyle, provides a safe haven, and shines rays of light and encouragement on your day. Let’s jump in! Thank you for coming along for the journey!