The Unposted: Hurricane Irma

September 19, 2017

For those of you who follow along with Kirby and I, you know that we were fervently praying as Hurricane Irma neared Florida a week ago. We just purchased our first home, a small condo, in North Fort Myers, Florida last April and I was NOT about to see anything steal from or destroy our new home.

Hurricanes are a new animal for me. If you told me there was a tornado warning…I’d know exactly what to do, but with a hurricane? Someone please help this Midwestern girl! We haven’t met many people yet, so in hearing that this was a viable threat, I called down to our HOA to see what I could do – did I need to hire someone to board up our place – are there even services for that?? Unlucky for us, the HOA relayed back to us that there was no lumber left in the city even if we were to hire someone. Excuse me, what??

It’s funny, but not funny, that when crises happen I go through stages. First is like an immediate internal, raving panic like when Spongebob forgets his name…I’m partially joking…kind of haha. Obviously this is not a stage I’m proud to announce to all of you, but I’m hoping that over time I learn to harness my emotions better so I can bypass this stage all together. Anyway, currently, this is where I’m at in life…in Missouri…seeing a super powerful, dangerous hurricane heading towards our first home. Needless to say, I’ve learned it’s best to not speak at all about the situation at hand. Words are so powerful and often our first response and first words can set forth the course of things, like a rudder on a ship.

Stage two is reciting specific scripture though I still feel a bit uneasy internally. I find a verse or two that pertains and just speak it over and over. It gradually helps drain out my unbelief and any lingering fears.

Stage three is powerhouse Sydney. Leggoooo! I’m ready to see God 100% whoop this hurricane’s booty and show the world that He is mightier than any storm! It truly is a battle of the mind for me. When I can make the storms small in my mind and visualize God’s faithfulness…it’s all over – watch out world. I become completely confident that nothing that comes against us will be able to prosper. I get so hyped you’d think I was at a WWE match! I speak His promises and declare them over our home. I get hyped with an expectation to see God do something amazing. Confident that our home is sealed – but even if something were to happen, that God would redeem it in the best way possible.

Stage four is perfect, complete peace. It came…to pass. Calm. Rest. Assurance. I will see the goodness of God. Hurricane Irma ended up losing its power and strength and passed over our home leaving it completely whole and without damage. It literally went from a category five to a category two – Whaaat!? Yes Lord!

This is how I usually process things and maybe it can help you face the storms in your life. Whether you’re facing a literal storm or a figurative storm, be encouraged today, because God is the great I am and He IS bigger and stronger than any storm we may face. Not only that, but keeping our focus on Him, will help you move to a place where it honestly doesn’t matter what happens, because you know He’s got your back and will protect you or restore to you anything that was lost. He’s THAT good.

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