New Series Announced: The Unposted

I’ve written a lot of blogs over the years, but you may be surprised to hear that not all of them reach the website for others to read. Recently God put on my heart to do a new blog series called “The Unposted” to share some of those with you!

A few weren’t shared because time got away from me or maybe the timing itself wasn’t quite right, others because I was scared to post. This is an accumulation of unposted blogs that go all the way back to 2017, so keep that in mind when you read. Some of the events mentioned may not be current and there are some really personal, sensitive things that will be out for all to read; however, God’s word seems to transcend time and I have to trust that He has things He wants to share with you if He’s put a blaze under me to do this.

Thank you for your kindess and grace – I hope you enjoy! Here we go!

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