My name is Sydney Liesmann. I love God with all my heart. He has completely transformed life. It’s because of His grace that I had the honor of marrying Kirby in October of 2015, the man of my dreams. We also now have a Mini Aussie named Maverick. My passion to write is from God and I’m thrilled to have an avenue to get to share that passion with you!

Born and raised in the Midwest, I’m a University of Missouri alumni. I also am a graduate of Charis Bible College in Colorado. My life is ordinary in the sense that my days consist of work, exercise, Bible reading, and the Bachelor on Monday nights. My life is made extraordinary by the fact that I lead a healthy, strong, happy life full of friendship, love, provision, and laughter. My husband is a professional wakeboarder and we work together at his wakeboarding school. We are passionate about people and sharing in ministry together. I am passionate about our military. I love to read books and am definitely a homebody.

Growing up, I spent countless hours breathing in the rays of sun on the wooden dock at the lakehouse. I did A LOT of thinking and had some of my most intimate times with God there. This is the why I named my blog “Thoughts from the Dock”. It’s my hope that my blog brings my readers to a place of carefree, serenity like the moments I had on that wooden lakeside dock. I also hope to be an encouragement and have posts my readers can relate to and look forward to. I will warn you though, my blog is different. My posts aren’t consistent, so if you’re looking for consistency in posting, you’re in the wrong place – typically I only write when God inspires me to. Hope you’re impacted and inspired by it.




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