The Basement: A Heart Issue

Recently on my Instagram Story, I gave everyone a small peek into our home and some changes I’ve been making. What’s so special about that? We own a 928 square foot condo. In the process of operating a home and a wakeboarding business out of this space, I’ve had to make room for some unconventional things: bulky wakeboards, workout equipment, business merchandise and supplies, wakeboarding students, bunkbeds and other hosting items for said wakeboarding students…things can get a little tight and potentially overwhelming!

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Living a Present Life

When you are laying in bed thinking of tomorrow, what comes to mind? I see life in checklist form. I make a physical or mental list and stick to it. In fact, it actually really bothers me if I have outstanding items left unchecked at the end of the day. I’m task oriented, what can I say? Continue reading “Living a Present Life”