Ask Away

Y’all! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been able to connect with you all! I hope you are well and thriving in this new year!!

I’ve been praying a lot about what God wants with this space. If I should even continue it really, but recently He dropped in my heart to try something a little different.

We live in a world, maybe now more than ever, where our lives revolve around appearance. Because of that, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to reach out when we’re struggling or even ask questions that may make us feel dumb.

Do you have a gnawing question about faith? Relationships? Boyfriends? Friendships? Finances? Organizing? Your future? Cooking questions? Marriage? School? Do you need prayer for something you’re dealing with? I’m really leaving this door wide open!

I’ve felt led to create a space for you to submit those requests and questions. I’ll pray about them and use my blog as a tool to try to help with hopes that it help you and others dealing with a similar thing.

The key? You can remain completely anonymous, so you can be as raw and vulnerable as you’d like without worrying what people (or I) think. You’re always welcome to share your name and email with your request if you’d like, but know I would never reveal it and it’s certainly not required.

My response may be a prayer it may be a story or it may be answered in a totally different way. I’m not sure! This is a very new idea. I also can’t guarantee that I’ll write about every single one (though I will pray about every single one) or that all my responses will look the same each time, but we are going to see where this thing goes!

I have a place where you can submit on my About Page, or you can do it right here. I can’t wait to hear from you! Let’s do the dang thing!

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