Honor, Part Four: Attitude

To Jessica, honor starts with a positive attitude and a posture of service. She is a Navy wife and a mom. She explained to me that it’s really hard for her to share about honor. Though she understands what honor means according to the Bible and indefinitely honors her husband and what he does, sometimes in the core of military life she often doesn’t see an attitude of service from others when they get the call to go or when orders aren’t according to their own plans. (Isn’t that a piece of truth we can all walk away with) She has made a distinction here between having an honorable profession and an attitude of honor. It’s just as honorable to have an attitude of service as being in a notoriously noble position – an attitude that’s positive and selfless, and says, “send me” without reservations. When we consider our own lives, are we showing honor to our superior when we get a work or school assignment we don’t want to do? Do we have an attitude of gratitude and service?

Jessica said that she strives to be an honorable spouse and support system for her husband and family by continually moving forward with a positive attitude, whether her husband is home or deployed. Though her family sees her as honorable by maintaining that positivity and light, she doesn’t feel like she does anything special with hundreds of others experiencing the same on a regular basis. “I can’t help but feel like that is such a tiny picture of what honor really is”.

Jessica, you are an incredible human being. Though she felt like she had little to share, she shared a valuable lesson about honor, that honor is a heart posture, not a job title. For the record, Jessica, I honor you. Though you may not recognize it, as a by-product of your husband’s career, you’ve chosen to also live a life of honor and selflessness, and you are one of the most encouraging and genuine people I’ve met in a long time. Thank you for taking time to share your heart with me!

Jessica is mom and also does Fitness Programs, if you’d like more information or to get in touch, you can follow her on Instagram @purdy_progress.



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