Honor, Part Five: A Noun, Not a Verb

Hayley is an Air Force Wife. Here is what honor means to her, in her own words:

“Honor. It’s one of those words that can take on so many different meanings in someone’s life. For me, and probably for a lot of people, it has always been a verb. You’re taught to honor your mother and your father, to honor your obligations and commitments. It wasn’t until I became a military wife that the word honor kind of became a noun in many ways, and really came full circle in my life. 

I honor those who have served our country more than I did before. I have such a huge respect for the men and women who have served our country because I know what that looks like now from an insider’s perspective. But having that perspective has also allowed me to view honor in a different way. It has now become my honor, my privilege, to walk alongside my husband as he serves his country. It’s almost a way of life, to live with honor. It has brought so much more joy and purpose to my life to now be able to say I am living with honor as I support my husband. When he is deployed, and people ask, “how do you do it?” It’s because of honor. It’s because I am so proud of what my husband does and because it’s the commitment I’ve made to him. It is my honor to honor him.”

– Hayley

I’m so appreciative for Hayley’s contribution. The distinction that she made between honor as a verb and honor as a noun, a way of life, really got me thinking. As we are honoring others, are we also living in a way that’s honorable as well? In a way that honors those who serve and who’ve given their lives? In a way that honors those who have made a difference in our lives? Something to think about.

If you enjoyed Hayley’s insight, be sure to look her up! Not only is she an Air Force wife, but also a dog mom and an amazing fashion blogger! I love keeping up with her on Instagram getting inspired by her posts and learning all of her fashion tips. If you’d like to follow Hayley, you can find her on Instagram @hayleytanous or you can visit her blog at www.styleworthyblog.com.


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