Honor, Part Three: Privilege

Ashley is a Marine Corps wife. Here is what honor means to her, in her own words:

“When asked to write about honor, I honestly had to Google it. I understand what the word means; however, as a military family, I am constantly surrounded by what many call honorable men and women. They serve and protect our country, which is most definitely an honorable thing. But being around it 24/7 we see so much more than just men and women in uniforms. I see my husband, I see friends, I see normal people, and I see families.

One definition of honor is “privilege”. I think that when you are a military family you truly understand the word privilege better than those of an ordinary family. It’s a privilege when you get to spend holidays all together as a family. To celebrate your children’s birthday with them instead of over the phone. To see the excitement of your child on Christmas morning. To simply just spend time together as a family growing, loving, laughing. This is all such a privilege. It can be taken for granted. However, with my husband deploying months at a time it really puts it all into perspective for us.

I think many forget about these sacrifices our military and their families make all the time. I would like the next generation to understand how important our military and their families are to our country. Not only are the men and women serving honorable, but so are their families that are the backbones that support them and take care of the home front while they are away.”


Ashley used the definition of privilege to describe honor. I think that couldn’t be more fitting. Life is so short, and when you have a husband serving in our military, who’s often gone on deployments, I can imagine how that would make you appreciate time and moments so much more. With how busy our lives get, this is a great reminder to take time to appreciate what you have and what a privilege and honor it is to have those special moments when others aren’t able to. Thank you so much Ashley for sharing. Ashley also has an incredible blog giving people a window into their life of travel, deployments and duty stations. If you’d like to check it out, you can follow Ashley on Instagram @diaryofamilitarywife or visit her blog at http://diaryofamilitarywife.com.

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