Honor, Part One

“The truth is, the most powerful weapons of the US Military are the boots on the ground at home”

Honor. As Veterans Day is approaching, I can’t help but think about honor. It’s hard for me to express to you the immense respect I have for those who are serving, who have served, and especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. They protect us from foreign and domestic threats that neither you nor I will ever hear a word of (thank goodness) and many of our war veterans seem to fade away into obscurity like the years. They walk around as unsung heroes blending in, going about life, with the world having no idea of the things they’ve seen and sacrificed. But that, friends, is not what this blog is about.

I recently had a tug on my heart to seek out military wives. It was a mixture of things really. It was hearing Taya Kyle speak about marriage in the military and the struggles that sometimes surround it, hearing her story, loss, and triumph. It was thinking about the controversy circling athletes kneeling at our anthem. It was watching the strength of the women in Act of Valor, saying their goodbyes and not letting their husbands see them cry. It was thinking about my life and how I’ve had to move and change the course of my life for my husband’s career. It was feeling as though a sense of honor in general is kind of falling by the wayside in our culture. All of these thoughts were swirling and churning within me. I wanted to understand. I wanted to give voice to the women back home. I wanted to know what honor means to them. What it is like to live in that world, committing your life to one of selflessness while knowing the risk and sacrifice.

I asked a variety of military wives what honor means to them and their families. They were SO gracious to open up to me, a complete stranger to most. Each woman was different, unique, beautiful and strong. With that in mind, this is going to be a little unorthodox because each interview was different. So, there is going to be seven parts to this blog with the closing released on Veterans Day. I hope you’ll stop back every day this week to read the newest.

I have dedicated a separate blog post for each of the women because one blog could not do them justice. I was surprised. I was brought to tears. I was moved and I think you will be too.

PS: If you haven’t, you should listen to the Team Never Quit Podcast where Taya Kyle spoke…I learned so much about true love and marriage through her.

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