The Ultimate Gift Guide for Him

Christmas shopping is zooming up on us so fast this year! Seriously, where is time going?! When it comes to Christmas shopping, the women in my life are usually the easiest on my list, but I struggle with the guys sometimes! I get pumped to check out the newest gift guides for men to gather ideas, but am often left disappointed and let down as they always contain the same boring items of a collared shirt, shaving kit, or cologne.

Don’t get me wrong! Those aren’t bad gifts at all, just…so…typical. I don’t want to buy and give something just for the sake of marking it off the list and calling it good. Gifts should be special, intentional. SO, for those of you looking to spice it up this year with some unique gift ideas for the men in your life, you’ve come to the right place!

Let me say, this is just inspiration! My favorite part about Christmas shopping is hearing from God! I pray over each person specifically and ask God what to get them, to lead me to it, AND lead me to a price that’s reasonable for my budget. At the end of the day, I want it the gifts I give to mean something and be something they love, because it’s a reflection of my love for them and a reflection of God’s heart, the ultimate giver. If you’re struggling on what to get someone, don’t be afraid to ask God what would bless them! He knows their heart better than anyone and can show you what they need or want that maybe they haven’t shared with anyone. It’s never failed me. I literally am doing this year round and keep a note in my phone of ideas of how and what would bless the people in my life (not just for Christmas, but also for ‘just because’ or ‘rough day gifts’ to show they are loved).

Okay! On to the gifts ideas! Beyond what you’ll see below I’ve had some ideas for the men that don’t want stuff. Or, maybe they are one of those that just buy what they want/need when they want/need it leaving you scratching your head wondering what’s left haha. For those tough cookies, consider an experience gift. Kirby LOVES experience gifts more than “stuff” sometimes I think. Plan something fun that you can do together like dinner and a concert in the city, tickets to the game, a winter getaway to a cozy place, or even a trip to Florida to do say something like wakeboarding?! (Hehe, there’s my plug haha!) These can be big or small! It’s what you make of them. Be creative! Experience gifts are rich in memories, and those precious shared experiences, will far surpass the fleeting excitement of a physical item in most cases.

OR, maybe consider a subscription, something they can enjoy year-round! Are they a bachelor? Maybe they’d like a membership to that rad gym in town or one of the boxed meal subscriptions? Other subscription ideas: Netflix, Spotify, XM Radio, razor or beard club, or a car wash membership. The gift that keeps on giving!

Alright, drumroll please! Eh hem! Here is my first ever gift guide – I apologize that there aren’t clickable links, I’m not that cool yet, so I’ve tried to either label the brand or make sure you can see it. Also, just so you know, I don’t get paid or work with any of these companies. These are just ideas and products I’ve picked out because the guys in my life love these and yours probably will too! Hope it helps you this Christmas finding the perfect gifts for the men in your life. Now go find that special something!! Happy shopping!


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