Caps and Gowns

As you may have noticed, I have been strangely absent from my blog the past weeks. Since I last wrote, there have been blogs partially written, but never finished.Today though, I write to you hours before my little brother’s high school graduation. Growing up, Richard was always my best friend and I could always count on him for late night Sonic runs, to be my tennis partner, and to always stick up for me. Tonight I’ll get to watch him walk across the stage as a high school graduate…the smart, witty, creative, kind man that he has become. I will refrain from being too sentimental because I know he would hate that, however, I wanted to write out a prayer of what I am speaking over his future. So, this is for you Richard.

God I thank you for the man Richard has become.Thank you for giving me the coolest brother I could ever ask for. He is a gift. Thank you that he reflects you. He reflects you in his sportsmanship on the soccer field and tennis court. In the way he values friendships. He reflects you in the way he leads with strength, integrity and confidence and determines his own path in life.

I pray Richard that you always keep your eyes on the Lord, never being swayed to follow a path that is wide and worn, but remaining on the narrow path God has created specifically for you.

I pray that you build solid friendships at Iowa State and be surrounded by friends that will constantly pull you higher and never drag you down. That they will be a support center to celebrate in your triumphs and build you up in your weaknesses. That you be a friend others desire to have…dependable, uplifting, and calling others to greatness.That you give honor where honor is due and operate in true humility.

I pray that you stand firm in your identity in Christ, not being moved to the right or left. That you are a light to those at college searching in vain to discover their own identity who may be trying to find it in the wrong places. I pray that you take refuge in God’s Word and are sensitive to His voice and leading. He will never lead you astray. He will never leave you. He will always be proud of you. You are always His number one.

I pray that you find balance. That you work hard, and are never entitled, but remain humble. I pray that your college years will be your best years so far. That you have eyes to see and ears to hear. I pray provision over your every need. That your school is paid for. That you shine – and that people wonder why things always work for you.

I pray that you have fun! That you always have your contagious laugh that you have when you think something is really funny. That you go to a ton of country concerts, play intramurals, that you study abroad and that you never regret freezing your face off at the ISU football games. That you go and not be afraid to pursue new opportunities and chase your dreams…to get off the dock of life. I pray that you be surrounded with a shield of favor. That no weapon formed against you shall prosper and no sickness shall come near you.

I pray that you grow closer to God than ever before and that because of Him you can pursue your future boldly and confidently. I pray that you are full of joy. Full of peace. Full of patience. Full of love. Full of compassion. I pray that you walk in Godly wisdom that’s beyond your years. That when you leave college you are more equipped and excited than ever before.

I’m so proud of the man you’ve become. I’m proud you’re my brother. You have a solid foundation in practical life knowledge that is absent in the lives of many today. I can count on you to fix, lift, or construct anything. I pray that you never take a day for granted. You are so capable. You make good decisions. You are trustworthy. You are healthy. You are strong. You are courageous. You are are kind. You are funny. You are selfless. You have a good heart. You are funny.  You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength.

I pray that whatever you do, you do it unto the Lord. I pray that God blesses whatever you set your hand unto. That you use your words to speak life and let God promote you. I pray that God will ignite and strengthen your passion for what He is calling you to, “that you prosper and be in health”. Make time to listen, make time to hear what God is speaking to you. May you never stop pursuing Him.

I pray that you won’t forget about your big sis and know that she is truly one of your biggest fans in life and always will be. I will always be cheering you on wherever life may take you. I love you!

If you have loved ones graduating or entering a new chapter of life like Richard, I encourage you to speak life and blessing over their futures as well!


5 thoughts on “Caps and Gowns

  1. Beautiful,heartfelt words of love. May the Lord’s blessings fill you, Sydney, and all of your family. Love, Nell


  2. That, my friend, is outstanding!!! I hope to meet him some day, he appears to be one of a kind & well worth getting to know. You should be a professional writer!! That blessing is one that we all could hope someone bestows upon us.


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